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Bass Guitar

Want to funk out? Want to be the master of the low end? Bass is for you. With professional teachers from several experience levels, you can learn everything from your favorite AC/DC bass line to Victor Wooten slap solos.

Private lessons start at only $40/hr.



Learning Ukulele is the most fun you'll have this year. The chords are easy, songs are fun, and the instruments are inexpensive. Small and easy to carry with you, a Ukulele will be a good time in any setting.

Private lessons start at only $40/hr.



Electric Guitar

Slash can shred, and so can you! Our Berklee –graduate guitar teachers can help you own the stage, and become a rock-and-roll legend. Learn modes, arpeggios, and so much more that will take your playing to a whole new level.

Private lessons start at only $40/hr.


Acoustic Guitar

Willie Nelson ain't got nothing on you - well, if you take some acoustic guitar lessons with Ish, that is. Acoustic is different from Electric. You will learn strumming patterns, chording, inversions, and so much more.

Private lessons start at only $40/hr.


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