New for 2021! Spector NS Dimension Multi-Scale and Spector NS Ethos

Groundbreaking new models from Spector for 2021!


2021 Spector NS Dimension

You've probably heard of multi-scale basses by now, but this isn't just some trend. Spector Dimension multiscales are ushering in a new era of bass: perfect string tensions, incredible note clarify, and ergonomic playability... with all the specs you really need on a multiscale. Don't fear the revolution - its time to multiscale. 


2021 Spector NS Ethos

A bangin' bass for the money - the new Spector Ethos is bringing custom shop USA construction techniques, features, and colors to their best price point ever. This is truly one of the best sounding basses I have ever played, regardless of price point. Welcome to the new best workhorse bass on the market.


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