WE'VE MOVED! Read our crazy 2020 story and see pics of the new location HERE.

Ish Guitars has been a long time coming. At the age of 16, Jesse Wilson sold his first car to fund 4 basses as the opening order for his first dealership. Founded in 2009, the company was originally called “The High Studio”, created for online-only retail from his parents basement of basses almost exclusively. As his unique custom-optioned bass sales grew, so did the business. In December of 2014 the company expanded to a location in the downtown Syracuse, NY “Armory Square” district, while renaming the company “Ish Guitars” - an honor to his grandfather who calls him “Ish Ka Bibble” as a joking nickname. 

Ish Guitars prides itself on presenting a clean and beautifully lit space with a curated collection of the finest guitars, basses, and amps for all price points.  Our staff of working musicians are the biggest gear geeks this side of the Mississippi.  Come to Ish Guitars to make friends, have a drink, and play some of the finest instruments to hit the musical market.

Teall Ave Showroom Photos: