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Consignment & Trade

Selling guitars is a pain, but we're here to make it easy. Get quick trade-in appraisals, or bring us your gear to consign in a couple easy steps.


Heck yeah! We are open to any guitar, bass, amp, or ukuele.

For our high end instruments, we also accept recently removed kidneys (kidding).

Obviously this is on a per-instrument basis, but we generally offer around 60% of an instrument's "street" value.

For example, if your guitar is in "very good" condition and similar guitars are selling for $1000, we would offer you $600 assuming there was no maintenance needed to make the guitar retail-ready (besides a basic setup and cleaning).

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Not at all. We buy and sell 90% of our inventory online and can assist you in sending your guitar in to us. Even if you have never shipped something in your life, we can help you get your guitar here safely.

All trades are final. If you trade your guitar in on an insturment from our inventory and want to return the guitar we sent you and get your old guitar back, it will not be possible. All trades are final since we will have already spent a lot of money on labor to get your guitar prepped for sale.

We can give you store credit according to the value of your trade-in so that you can pick another cool instrument if you don't like the one you received. See our return policy for full details.


For example:
1. You want to buy a $1500 guitar.
2. You trade us a used guitar with $1000 trade credit - so you then owe us $500 in cash.
3. You will only pay tax on the cash-paid balance.

For this example assuming you are in Onondaga Country with 8% sales tax:
Instead of paying $1500 x 8% = $120 in sales tax, you will only pay $500 x 8% = $40 in sales tax, a savings of $80!

tax saving


We believe in consistent, clear, and honest pricing when you trade-in or sell us your gear.

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We charge 30% for consignment services. Our fee covers ALL expenses for a truly easy experience with extremely limited liability.

Included with our fee:

  • Shipping to the customer, worldwide
  • Basic setup, cleaning, and strings to prep the instrument for sale
  • A professional photo set
  • Potential features on our social media channels and email lists
  • Any marketplace fees
  • Any layaway or 0% financing fees
  • Any fees incurred by your instrument being returned by a customer
  • Cash payouts even if the instrument is sold to a scammer
  • Cash payouts even if someone trades-in towards your instrument
  • No IRS tax tracking (the $600 payout limit on websites like does not apply to consignment payouts. You may still be required to pay other taxes, please consult your tax professional).

1. We carry insurance on your instrument that protects against partial or complete loss, and we will cover the deductible as part of our consignment service.

2. Our showroom is appointment-only. Out of the 1000 guitars that are in stock, we only display about 100, so it's not likely your instrument will see much play time.

3. Our entire facility is temperature and humidity controlled.

If we could answer that question we would be super rich, haha! Some gear sells the day it gets listed, and some sits for 1+ years - but the average sale for a used guitar is 3 months.

We have a 5 day return policy from the time the guitar is delivered to the purchasing customer. We will issue your consignment payout once it clears that return window.

Our ultra-skilled tech team will handle that no problem. We include a free basic setup, cleaning, and restring in the consignment fee in order to A) make sure your guitar has the best chances of selling and B) stays consistent with our rigourous quality standards.

Repairs or mods above and beyond this will be billed at our standard rates found here and deducted from your consignment payout.

*We require instruments to meet our standards before they are sold, so we may require certain maintenance before listing your instrument. This is rare, though.

Not at all. We buy and sell 90% of our inventory online and can assist you in sending your guitar in to us. Even if you have never shipped something in your life, we can help you get your guitar here safely.