Consignment & Trade

Consignment involves our customers dropping off or shipping their instrument to our Syracuse showroom, where we put it on the floor for display. 

Our consignment terms are 30% for items under $2000 (including credit card proccesiong fees if applicable). For example, if your instrument sells for $1000, we would get $300 in consignment fees and you would pocket the other $700. Because our showroom is not extremely large, we reserve the right to have you take the instrument back at any time.

You instrument will be fully insured while it is at our showroom, and you will be compensated for the sale value of the instrument in the case of fire, flood, etc. We are not responsible for any minor wear and tear while on display, although we do a fantastic job of keeping nicks and scratches off of our instruments when customers play them.



The second (and most popular) option we offer are Trade-Ins. 

With that in mind, we want to assure you that we believe in consistent, clear, and honest pricing when you trade-in or sell us your gear. It is very important to us that you have the right expectations up front so that your time is not wasted.

Lets say you buy a guitar new for $1500. It's used value is worth $1000. We will give you 50% of the used value for an outright purchase, or 60% for a trade-in. So, for your $1000 guitar we would give you $500 for an outright sale, or $600 of trade-in value.

Before you say "ick, thats crazy!", please remember that this is a guideline and not a policy. Many high end guitars can have different percentages, and of course it never hurts to ask for a different trade-in value.

Why 50%-60%? Because we have to wait an unpredictable amount of time to sell the traded-in instrument; plus pay for rent, employees to clean, setup, and photograph the instrument, maybe take a lower offer on the piece of gear, and a million other things… before we even pay ourselves.

Also remember that trade-ins that occur in New York State also have a sales tax savings of 8% of the amount of your trade-in value (for example, trading in a guitar worth $500 of trade credit saves you $40 of sales tax).

If all sounds like figures you could work with, lets move forward. Please send us at least 5 well-lit photos of the instrument, including a brief description of any minor or major dings/scratches, as well as any known repairs, alterations, or unoriginality.

If you already have an idea of value in mind (even a general price range), please send it over as it will significantly decrease the time it takes us to decide whether the trade is at all possible.