Acoustic Guitar

Willie Nelson ain't got nothing on you - well, if you take some acoustic guitar lessons with Ish, that is. Acoustic is different from Electric. You will learn strumming patterns, chording, inversions, and so much more.

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Electric Guitar

Slash can shred, and so can you! Our guitar teachers can help you own the stage, and become a rock-and-roll legend. Learn modes, arpeggios, and so much more that will take your playing to a whole new level.

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Learning Ukulele is the most fun you'll have this year. The chords are easy, songs are fun, and the instruments are inexpensive. Small and easy to carry with you, a Ukulele will be a good time in any setting.

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Lesson FAQs

Since each lesson package is customized to the student, please contact us for an exact quote.

The schedule is entirely dictated by your specific teacher and we do our best to accommodate all schedules, but *most* lessons are between 11am-6pm Mon-Fri.

Generally, most students choose a weekly lesson that lasts 1 hour. But we are open to any schedule that suits your learning style - some students do a once-per-month 4 hour lesson, and some younger students do 30 minute lessons, it's all up to you!

We teach all levels! We can start with the most basic, or go straight into ultra-advanced music theory and playing techniques. Our teachers are experienced in both areas.

Every student is different of course, but most folks are playing basic patterns within a month, and are getting some simple songs down within 3 months (if weekly lessons).

You can accelerate that timeline easily, it all just depends how much time you spend with your instrument on a daily basis.

Yes - but it's not recommended if you are just starting. YouTube is an incredible resource that can really accelerate your knowledge, but when starting out you really need someone face-to-face who can teach you the proper technique so future learning goes smoothly.