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Our skilled techs cover everything from basic setups to all-out-restorations, servicing 1000's of guitars per year.

Want to mod your new guitar? We've got you covered there too.

Repair Pricelist

The Works $40

Includes cleaning, buffing, polishing (if needed), carnauba wax treatment, fret board cleaning and oiling, hardware tightening, and electronic cavity cleaning.

Standard Restring $30

6-String Guitar, 4-String Bass, 5-String Bass, Banjo, Ukulele.

Specialty Restring $50

6-String Bass, Classical, Locking Tremolo, 7-String, 8-String, 12-String, Mandolin etc.

Standard Setup $80

6-String Guitar, 4-String Bass, 5-String Bass, Banjo, Ukulele.

Rush Standard Setup $110

Guaranteed 3 business days or less­.

Specialty Setup $100

6-String Bass, Classical, Locking Tremolo, 7/8/12-String, Mandolin etc.

Rush Specialty Setup $135

*Price not including strings.

Minimum Bench/Diagnostic Fee $40

Pick-Up Installation $75 

Two Pickups $125           Three Pickups $160

Acoustic Pickup Installation (Starts at) $125

Potentiometer Replacement $60

Two Pots $100     Three Pots $130      Four Pots $150

Specialty Potentiometer Replacement $90

e.g. double stack pots, PCB Board Pots.

Full Rewire $250

Output Jack      Mono $40     Stereo $60

Switch Replacement $75

Specialty Switch Replacement $125

Treble Bleed Installation $55

Shielding Cavity (Starts at) $125

Coil-split Installation $Ask for price

Requires in-store quote.

Prices for electronics do not include parts. 50% Surcharge for Hollowbody work.

Strap Button Installation $40

Pick Guard Mounting $40

String change required

Tuning Machine Installation $40

String change required

Nut Replacement (Starts at) $100

Setup required

Head Stock Repair (Starts at) $225

Setup required

Bridge Re-glue (Starts at) $250

Setup required

Brace Re-glue (Starts at) $90

Crack Repair (Starts at) $110 

*Prices subject to change based on severity. Prices do not include refinishing.

Level, Crown, and Polish $300

Includes “The Works” & Setup.

Partial Re-fret $60 per Fret

Full Re-fret (Starting at) $450

Includes “The Works” & Setup.

Includes Level, Crown, Polish, Setup, & “The Works”. Does not include price of frets.

Fret Ends (Starting at) $60

String change required

No amp or pedal repairs at this time.

Authorized Service Center


Yes! Make a repair appointment here. If you need a same-day appointment, contact us and we may be able to fit you in!

Repair times can vary greatly depending on the work needed! On average, basic setups take 1-2 weeks, electronic work 2-3 weeks, and more intense repairs should be no longer than 4-6 weeks. To know for sure, contact us for an exact quote.

We do not offer amp repairs at this time.

The legal stuff:

*All jobs are subject to change, as the list is only a guide. The scope of all work to be performed will be explained to and agreed upon by owner before any additional costs are added to the original quote. Parts must be provided by Ish Guitars Representative unless approved by said representative. All prices reflect the estimated billable time based on approximately $125 an hour. Same-day setups available for $135 subject to tech availability. All rush services must be approved by tech which may or may not be on actual drop-off date. Rush services are guaranteed after tech approval from drop off date. If rush services are not completed in quote time frame Ish Guitars Inc has the right to charge standard service rate and does therein forfeit rush surcharge of 35%. Photo ID required for repair pickup. Repairs carry no warranty or liability, and are non-refundable. Any additional costs will be made aware to owner before being added to original quote. All prices are subject to change.   Items must be picked up within 14 days of repair completion. After 14 days, Ish Guitars will charge $5 per day storage fee. Items not picked up after 60 days of repair completion will be considered abandoned and become property if Ish Guitars, to be sold to recover repair labor, parts, and storage costs.