Customer Service and Sales - Open Position

Customer Service and Sales

Full-Time hourly position, no remote opportunities at this time, must have Saturday availability.  Health insurance option available.

The Customer Service and Sales position exists to grow Ish Guitars and its profitability by delivering premier knowledge on all Ish merchandise to customers and meeting revenue goals through sales. As part of the Ish Culture you recognize your important role in creating a work culture where your colleagues are valued and excited to be at work. In your specific capacity you operate as a public facing member of the team and translate our core values to the Ish community and valued customers.

In a day-to-day capacity, you

  • Hold yourself and others accountable for commitments that have been made, following through on promises in a timely and honest manner.
  • Respect the intrinsic value of every colleague, creating a mutually secure work environment where communication is kind and direct.
  • Understand that clarity is your individual responsibility and actively seek and provide helpful information as a matter of doing business.
  • Foster trust by avoiding assumptions, asking questions, and allowing room for other perspectives.
  • Look for the opportunity inside every challenge to build systems, processes, and outcomes that exceed what existed before.
  • Actively choose positivity, remembering to always celebrate the wins and have fun.

Your technical responsibilities include,

  • Responding to all messages, texts, and emails from customers, potential customers, and colleagues in a timely manner. Incoming messages from customers must be answered within the same business day.
  • Receive and work with showroom customers, answering questions, demoing merchandise and building a general sense of enthusiasm leading to sales.
  • Resolve after sale issues in a kind, brand-centric manner ensuring that every Ish customer is fully satisfied. Exceed customer expectations by over-delivering on the fix.
  • Follow-up with every customer post-sale to inquire about their experience, secure testimonials and deepen customer engagement.
  • Initiate outreach with abandoned cart customers and convert where possible.
  • Operate as a subject matter expert, educating yourself on guitar values. Do the research to assess trade and purchase values.
  • Work with customers on custom builds, helping them imagine and articulate their perfect guitar.
  • Research and order guitars based on what customers are asking for.
  • Know and strive for your individual and department critical numbers. Be ready to report in on those numbers at every meeting.
  • Complete all transactional paperwork and online reporting by the end of each day.
  • Liaise with the marketing team to be aware of highlighted inventory and make suggestions on content development. Participate in content development where appropriate.

You report to,
● Vice President of Operations

 Please email your resume and briefly explain your interest in the position in an email to