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1950 Martin 0-15 Acoustic Guitar

1950 Martin 0-15 Acoustic Guitar

Serial Number: 114180

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This O-15 has had one owner - bought new by an airforce pilot in 1950. Martin completed work on the guitar in 1993, comes with receipts of work done. Includes original parts that were replaced in '93.

Very good condition - general cosmetic dings/marks/wear to the surface with finish checking. There is a crack that was repaired from Martin, all work is decribed in photo with original repair receipt from Martin. The worst flaws are pictured.

Tech Description:. The guitar is structurally sound, as noted in repair receipt there is indication  that the fretboard and bridge were replaced but you have to know what you're looking for to find it, there was a little finish touch up where the parts were replaced. That being said the work was done by Martin and structurally the repair is flawlessly performed as it should be.  The guitar has action of 4/32" on the low E, and 7/64 on the high E.  There is .008" relief to the neck, which is ideal relief for this radius.  The guitar plays well, and comfortably, but the action is a bit higher than most people desire.  It could benefit from a neck reset but is not entirely necessary if you are able to enjoy the action and playablity as is.  

3.3lbs. Includes semi-hard case that is not original - last owner placed some cloth in the bottom of the case to get the guitar to fit better.