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1963 Goya Rangemaster Semi Hollow Electric Guitar Cherry Finish

1963 Goya Rangemaster Semi Hollow Electric Guitar Cherry Finish

Serial Number: N2462

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Remarkably unique and ahead of it's time, the Goya Rangemaster is a vintage piece sure to stop anyone in it's tracks. Lovers of classic, cool vibes, jazz, blues or indie rock rejoice because this high end Italian piece can do it all.

The hollow body Rangemaster has two F-holes placed very far down in the lower bout, with a scale length of 25.2” and nut at 1.6”.  The neck and body are both made of maple. This guitar has amazing projection and resonance and doesn't feel as bulky as your normal jazz box while still retaining a one of kind elegance and look.

The rosewood fretboard had 22 frets. The maple three on a side headstock had a black veneer plate with the Goya logo and Italian figure inlay signifying it is one of the higher end instruments they created.

The electronics have an array of switches that can give you a slew of options, choosing different pole pieces and pickups. There is a crackle in a few of the switches that could use tending to.

Overall this guitar is a joy to play, with looks and sound that could kill and certainly something that does not come up often. Make sure to seal the deal and give this rare vintage guitar a home.

5lb 13oz. Comes with hard case!