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1967 Blonde Fender Telecaster All Original

1967 Blonde Fender Telecaster All Original

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It just doesnt get more classic Tele than this. All original parts with a slab body and a smooth as silk neck.

This gives you the classic bright pluck and twang that you need and expect from these fine pieces of history. For cleans and dirty tones it sounds pristine, taking you from Muddy Waters to Zeppelin to the Strokes and everything in between in seconds.

Only one major ding to the body which for what it's worth is pretty amazing considering teles this old usually look like they got into a fight with Rocky. To top it all of, a classic blonde finish with the white guard that brings it to the forefront of really sought after looks as well as the tone.

Our in house tech has been through this guitar and is set up to expert standards. We are confident you are going to love this guitar and play it for years to come.

Comes with case. 7lbs 6oz.