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2003 Dingwall Afterburner I Flamed Maple Amber Fanned Fret Bass

2003 Dingwall Afterburner I Flamed Maple Amber Fanned Fret Bass

Serial Number: 3355

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This is an 'early' Afterburner 1. It's a 2 piece rock maple body with a 1 piece rock maple neck with wenge fretboard.
It has a very early Glokenlang 2 band preamp which was installed by Dingwall as comissioned by the original owner. When put in passive mode, the treble control turns into a passive tone control, just like the newer ones. 
To fit the preamp onboard, the original push/pull volume was removed for a preamp on-off switch. Originally it would have had a passive-tone-scoop called a "BluEQube".
The pickups in it are not the 'standard' FD-3's that are now in Afterburners but FD-1's, made by Glenn MacDougall of Fury Guitars. They're brighter and more aggressive than the FD-3's and the shells are slightly different too. 
There aren't many maple bodied one piece neck Afterburners out there!
2003 build date is approximate, we don't know exactly.


18mm string spacing at bridge

Excellent condition - only flaws are dings on top of the headstock and light scratches on the neck.

Push-pull pot for a passive tone control and locking input Jack.

Canadian made

Includes OHSC and Dingwall Pamphlet.

9.5lbs weight.