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2006 Gibson R9 ‘59 Reissue Les Paul Teaburst (DEMO VIDEO)

2006 Gibson R9 ‘59 Reissue Les Paul Teaburst (DEMO VIDEO)

Serial Number: 96913

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1959 is widely considered to be the pinnacle year for Gibson's mid-century solid body electric guitars, and no 1959 Gibson model is more famous than the sunburst Les Paul Standard. At first a commercial failure, the model was eventually adopted by some the world's greatest guitarists -- Jimmy Page, Duane Allman, Mike Bloomfield, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and Billy Gibbons, to name a few. The rarity and celebrity association of the model has pushed the values of original examples into the stratosphere. Gibson Custom's 1959 Les Paul is a painstakingly-accurate replica of these highly-valuable guitars rendered in detail so intricate that even the chemical composition of the parts has been scientifically examined and re-engineered -- and that's just one small example. Sonically, visually, and tactilely, owning this is as close as it gets. 

This guitar is in phenomenal condition and set up wonderfully. Very few notable dings and wear.

Includes OHSC and COA. 9.2lb