Acus One Forstrings 6T Simon

Serial Number: G21J00486

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Acus One ForStrings 6T SIMON is a 130 W acoustic guitar amplifier, equipped with 3 inputs (2 Mic-Line and 1 Line) with Gain / Volume controls, 3-band equalizer, Effect send. Thanks to the Stereo Input with RCA connections e to the Stereo Output it is possible to connect respectively an external audio source and send the signal to an external recorder.  In addition, the One ForStrings 6T SIMON has a balanced Direct Output, Phantom Switch and Master Volume.   


Weight: 22.2 lbs

Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20kHz

Max Power Out: 130 W

System Format: Biamp 2 vie

Woofer Power: 90 W

Tweeter / Horn Power: 40 W Sensitivity 1W 1m: 92 dB, SPL MAX: 114 dB

Crossover: Electronic

Woofer size: 6"

High Freq driver: Compression tweeter

Box: 2 Vie bass reflex

Construction: Birch Plywood