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BedRock 621 Combo Tweed Amplifier

BedRock 621 Combo Tweed Amplifier

Serial Number: 6002013

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50 Watts, Four El84 tubes and you’re on your way... This amp is loud and can hang with the big boys. This BedRock combo from the early nineties is USA made. Perfect for studio time, bedroom jamming or even gigging our without breaking your back.

The clean channel is fat, creamy and has a huge amount of headroom combined with the real deal reverb tank you can get wonderfully dark, lush textures piled right on.

The gain channel leaves nothing to be desired either, channeling classic Mesa sounds with a full eq to tweak whatever you need. 

This amp is portable, classy looking and takes pedals EXTREMELY well. Don’t miss out on a fantastic product just because it’s not a mainstream name.