1960's Gibson TR 1000 RVT Starfire Combo Amplifier

1960's Gibson TR 1000 RVT Starfire Combo Amplifier

Serial Number: 480003

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1960's Gibson TR 1000 RVT Starfire Combo Amplifier

This amplifier is a consignment piece from our local Syracuse, NY amp guru Mike Finck.  Below is a description of the amp directly from Finck Sound.

From Mike Finck// Finck Sound August 2020:
This amp is solid state (transistorized and not vacuum tubes) and the first guitar amp built by Gibson. This amp was restored by from a condition of no sound in early Summer 2020. The missing speaker was replaced with a suitable Peavey replacement. The worn controls, jacks and missing knobs were  replaced with new equivalent parts. All electrolytic capacitors were replaced with modern capacitors of higher heat and voltage ratings while physically similar to the faulty originals. Power "On" indicator lamp replaced with a special long life LED type and blinks to Tremolo time when Tremolo is active. Some parts in the tremolo circuit are no longer available. Therefore substitute components were used (LED lamps and photocell) and the amp needs to be on for a minute or so before tremolo operates. The Tremolo "Intensity" control operates in reverse due to parts and space limitations.
Otherwise the amp is as original, sounding good and safe to operate


Missing Gibson Badge on logo plate. Various wear and scratches, yellowing on handle.

Includes Footswitch.