Ish Custom Guitar Super Strap

Ish Custom Guitar Super Strap

Serial Number: ISS01

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The Ish Super Strap truly deserves superhero status (I'm surprised Marvel hasn't mad a movie about it yet). This high-quality strap is made from expensive faux Leather and Pig Skin materials instead of the crappy cheap "genuine" leather used by most strap companies. That means you get better quality at a better price, and save some fluffy animals in the process - its a really good deal!

The contrasting black color with white stitching looks straight-up classy, like James Bond in a tuxedo. The thin strap is only 1" wide, keeping it out of your way while playing and not ruining the look of whatever cool shirt you're wearing on stage. The thicker should pad is a full 3", giving you plenty of space to spread out the weight of a heavy instrument. The pad is also adjustable, so you can slide it anywhere you'd like (but don't worry, its firm enough not to move around while you're playing).

A heavy-duty buckle is used for length adjustment, as well as extra strap button holes on both sides of the strap for you extra-high jazz players or super-lower metal guys. 

As mentioned earlier, the face material is high quality faux leather, and the backing material is a supple faux pig skin. The pig skin is really nice stuff; it feels nice, and has the perfect amount of firmness vs. comfortability.

At just $29 with free shipping, this strap is really a steal. Grab one today, the worst thing that can happen is you love it!