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Ritter Roya 4 String 21st Anniversary

Ritter Roya 4 String 21st Anniversary "Drunken Burl" Bass Guitar

Serial Number: 1702

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My name is Jesse Wilson, owner of Ish Guitars. Ish is 1 of only 3 Ritter dealers in the USA - I'm also a huge fan of Jens Ritter's work. Please message or call me for a detailed look into this instrument or any other of Ritter's masterpieces!

Yes, you really do need to be over 21 years old to purchase this bass.

While Jens Ritter and I were talking at NAMM 2017, I asked him if he was going to build a bass to commemorate his 20th Anniversary of Ritter Instruments. He explained he started one, but was not able to finish it since he was so busy with customer orders that this bass was the last priority. Jokingly, I said by the time he finishes the instrument it will be his 21st Anniversary...

After a good hard laugh, this bass was born. 

Playing on our American 21st birthday when we can finally purchase alcohol legally, Jens Ritter completely surprised me with this bass, I did not see photos or details of it until it arrived at our showroom in December of 2017. He had a crazy idea, which included:

1. An amazing Buckeye Burl top

2. A vacuum bag filled with stain

3. Solid Silver Inlays

4. Four high-end liquors from his home town in Germany

The color is called "Drunken Burl" which was created by putting a bunch of stain into a vacuum with the piece of buckeye burl for several days. This means the wood is not simply painted - the stain is pulled all the way through the cells of the wood, giving it an incredibly deep look to the finish since you are actually seeing inside the cell structure. 

The inlays are Solid Silver concentric ovals. Not much to say here except there is freakin' Silver in your fretboard!

The liquors are extremely interesting - While talking to Ritter, he explained that his small town of Deidesheim is known for its very high end grapes and wines. Included is a Gin, a Champagne, and a type of Wine - even the Gin is made from a grape base.

The most special of the bottles if one of Ritter's own distillery, made from approximately 200 year old grape vines that reside on the property of his workshop. Each yeah, these vines produce enough grapes to make about 60 small bottles of a kind of liqueur which Jens Ritter makes himself. You will received a hand-numbered bottle #1/57 of this liqueur with your bass - good luck getting something like that from Gibson's Custom Shop!

The body of this collectors piece is swap ash, with a 3 piece maple neck and full 34" scale, topped by an ebony fretboard with 1-11/16th inch nut width. The pickups and electronics are custom designed and hand built by Ritter, featuring matching Ebony pickup covers.

Look through the photos, and take some time to understand how truly special this bass is. This is not a "run" of basses for Ritters 20th Anniversary (ahem, 21st Anniversary). This is a very, very special one-off piece of art that will be appreciated for collectors for years to come. Call us today!

Weight 9 lb 4oz. Includes custom Ritter flight case.