Ritter Princess Isabella 4 String Bass Guitar - First One Ever Built

Ritter Princess Isabella 4 String Bass Guitar - First One Ever Built

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My name is Jesse Wilson, owner of Ish Guitars. Ish is 1 of only 3 Ritter dealers in the USA - I'm also a huge fan of Jens Ritter's work. Please message or call me for a detailed look into this instrument or any other of Ritter's masterpieces!

You may have heard of Ritter's Princess Isabella guitar - it was groundbreaking instrument which used Ritter's incredible engineering to create a solid-body electric that sounded like a hollow body jazz guitar.

Now, Ritter is at it again with a brand new twist: The first ever Ritter Princess Isabella Bass!

This work of art is simple, yet delivers on all fronts. The electronics are completely passive using Ritter's custom designed and hand built pickups and electronics. The controls are simple - just volume and tone, with a secret hidden in the tone knob: a unique Ritter designed push-pull which changes the bass from a very distinct modern to very distinct vintage tone.

Personal note: It does not sound like ANY other Ritter I have played. The experience of this bass is incredibly unique. While most of Ritter's work represents a near-perfect, balanced hi-fi sound, this bass has an aggressive, scooped, lively sound that combines a P-Bass with something way more musical. Its impossible to describe, so we will be making a video soon.

The body is extremely thin but wide - something Ritter attributes to its unique sound (yes you are reading that right. In discussions with Jens Ritter, he has mentioned it is not only the woods the bass is made of, but also the SHAPE of the instrument that gives its unique tone, and he designed it that way on purpose. Crazy, huh?)

On a playability side, this bass has the sightly shorter 33.3" scale that Ritter developed with Prince. It gives the instrument a slightly lower string tension good for digging in and shaping the tone of the bass with your fingers, yet retains the intonation and string clarity of a full scale instrument.

The ebony fretboard, black matte powder coated hardware, and gold frets (and alloy of steel Ritter developed which is 4 times harder than stainless!) really set off the looks of this bass, mixing classic with modern.

Besides its prototype, this is the FIRST Ritter Princess Isabella bass ever created. Own a piece of history and try a bass no one else will have the opportunity of experiencing - call us today!

Weight 8lb 4oz. Includes custom Ritter flight case.