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Kramer 650B Bass Guitar Aluminum Neck 1978

Kramer 650B Bass Guitar Aluminum Neck 1978

Serial Number: 80329

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We purchased this bass from a very large collection in Upstate NY with the coolest early guitars and basses from all eras.

A rare early aluminum necked Kramer 650B Bass Guitar in fantastic condition! Its tough to find one of these legendary basses, let alone in great condition like this. It has some general play wear and some small dings overall, but nothing major.

The top is beautiful walnut, with "pancake" body constriction and maple center block. This instrument was hand build in the USA, they don't make Kramers like this anymore.

The neck has a good amount of bow in it, but not warped at all. Its fully playable with somewhat medium/high action, with no truss rod for adjustment. 

This bass was sold to us as a 1978, but serial numbers at the time are not exact, so we are estimating late 1970's or early 1980's. Includes the original hard case, too! 

Reference #49. Weights 10.6 lb. Please ask for international shipping.