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Lab Series L7 Amplifier 100w 4x10 Combo

Lab Series L7 Amplifier 100w 4x10 Combo

Serial Number: 2659

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Made by the Norlin Corporation that owned Gibson the 1970s and 80s. The circuitry was designed in part by the legendary Bob Moog. This amp is a vintage chameleon lending tone shaping for genre hopping and absolutely nailing it in the process. 

A master of cleans, the sound is huge, bright and spatial with a vast eq that seems to sound good no matter what. Built in reverb can keep it subtle for jazz needs, decimating other vintage jazz contenders like Roland Jazz Chorus and the likes. Another popular player to bring this amp to the limelight was BB King, again pushing these amps in new territory channeling excellent Blues tones. With the built in compressor we really can hear the 70’s, with a lot of funk and country sounds needing the extra squish lended to their playing. All that said to say, these are tones you’re looking for whether we are talking studio or stage.

These amps are a wonder and will give you a lifetime of mojo, helping you never pigeon-hole yourself and constantly lending to your creative vision.