Mancuso Hollowbody 7 String Electric Guitar

Mancuso Hollowbody 7 String Electric Guitar

Serial Number: 9146578623

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This super cool hand built Lou Mancuso built 7 string jazz guitar is up for sale at a great price - for a reason! PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!

All information has been passed on from the original owner. This guitar was built in the 70's or 80's, to the best of our knowledge. It is completely hand built and beautiful.

At some point, it was sent back to Lou Mancuso for a new truss rod, so the fretboard was removed. The guitar is setup decently, but the fretting is so-so and the setup is so-so. The truss rod turns just fine! There is no major bending or issues, it's just not the super high end perfection you would usually see from a Mancuso. 

It seems like Mancuso refinished a portion of the neck when the fretboard was but back on.

The pickup was installed sometime after the guitar was built and works great.

It's a super cool guitar, but we don't know a ton about it and it's not perfect by any means (from the condition to the setup to the fretting) so it's for sale for a very good price (many Mancuso's are $3000+), but sold AS-IS in "good" condition as defined by Reverb. We will not be accepting returns on this guitar.

It does play! It does sound great! It does look great! It is NOT perfect. It is NOT going to be your dream handbuilt jazz box for a super low price. It IS an old guitar that may or may not need some love, and may or may not be able to be perfected.... But that's why it's a great price, and super cool.

6lbs 11oz. No case.