2018 Paul Reed Smith PRS Private Stock Custom 24 Multi Scale

2018 Paul Reed Smith PRS Private Stock Custom 24 Multi Scale "Spirit" Double Semi-Hollow (DEMO VIDEO)

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Ish Guitars Exclusive Dealer Limited Run of Custom 24 Multi Scale 6 Strings!

My name is Jesse Wilson, owner of Ish Guitars. I hand picked every wood and option on this guitar in May of 2017 in the Private Stock Wood Vault at the PRS Factory (photos of the raw woods will be included with the purchase of the guitar).

A Multi-Scale PRS?!

Yes, PRS went multi-scale (commonly known as fanned fret), and I was the one crazy enough to commission the very expensive $7000+ 8-month long research-and-development processes for the 6 guitars in our first run (more to come!). This means that you get an amazing 1-off multi-scale PRS without having to pay the huge amount of money to develop the guitar.

Ish Guitars has a "Dealer Exclusive" to 6 String Multi-Scale PRS guitars, so you can also custom order your own Multi-Scale PRS through us!

The frets are not fanned much on purpose. A PRS is a "best of both worlds" guitar, combining a Les Paul and a Strat. So, I picked a 25.5" scale (like a Strat) on the bass side for nice chimey Strat-like chording, and 24.75" (usual LP-style Scale length) on the treble side to have that awesome Les Paul lead guitar feel up top. 99% of the world isn't tuning to some crazy low C drop tuning, so most of us don't need a huge 27" scale on the bottom.

Another benefit of the small fan is that those who have played this guitar and the prototype guitar all said they did not need to "get used to" the change in the frets - which is exactly what the goal was - better intonation, tone, and balance, but without having to re-learn how to play guitar. 

Many who have played this guitar have called it "the perfect PRS" because of the reasons above!

The Guitar:

This specific guitar is the second of our run, and it concludes another series I created called the "Trinity". The Trinity series was 3 guitars, called "Father", "Son", and Spirit" - you can see these other guitars for sale on our page.

I based the design of this guitar on Acts Chapter 2 verse 1-4: "When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them."

So my design goals became:

1. Sound like the blowing of a violent wind (semi-hollow)

2. Look like fire (the right piece of curly maple)

3. Be balanced and versatile (multi-scale and pickup selection)

To accomplish the tone, I had PRS make the guitar double semi-hollow, to give the guitar some airy resonance. I didn't go crazy with exotic woods, and took a page from Paul Reed Smith and his mentor Ted McCarty of Gibson, who clearly agree that a mahogany body and neck with a maple top is the perfect tone wood combination. Those guys can't be wrong!

Since PRS's pickups are so amazing, I didn't want to have to jump to another pickup manufacture to get slanted pickups - so we went the expensive route (remember I paid for the tooling so you didn't have to!) and re-tooled PRS's bobbins so we could use them in a slanted configuration. Also, I love the versatility of PRS's 85/15 pickups, but wanted them warmer, so the Private Stock team wound me 85/15 "LT" which stands for low turn, giving slightly less output but more fatness and warmth. You can only get these pickups in Private Stock.

I dug through the Private Stock Wood Vault to find this perfect top and matching headstock veneer (bookmatched!). The upside down V pattern of the deep 3D curly maple grain combined with the Dragon's Breath finish maple this guitar literally look like its on fire when you see it in person. The headstock represents the "tongues of fire" that came to rest on the Disciples heads - it is book matched and Dragon's breathed to perfectly match the top of the guitar.

Includes a custom hard case which I designed specifically for this guitar, featuring a funky floral upholstery and brown crush interior with gold hardware to match the guitar. 6.3lb weight makes this guitar one of the lightest weight Private Stock guitars we've ever had.

Call or email me with ANY questions, anytime! This guitar is guaranteed to be well known in the PRS community. 


Model: Custom 24 / Fan Fret Semi-Hollow 

Neck wood: Mahogany

Body wood: Mahogany

Fingerboard wood: Honduran Rosewood

Top wood: Curly Maple

Back wood: Mahogany

Headstock Veneer wood: Book Matched Curly Maple

Tuner Buttons: Honduran Rosewood

Neck Carve: Pattern Thin (Fan Fret)

Side Dots: Awabi

Color / Stain: Dragon's Breath

Fingerboard inlays: Old Birds in Awabi

Headstock veneer inlays: Old PS Eagle in Awabi

Finish type: High Gloss Nitro body/Satin Nitro Neck

Pickups:  Treble: Slanted 85/15 LT              Bass: Slanted 85/15 LT

Electronics: Volume, Tone with 5-way bladeswitch

Hardware: Hybrid

Set-Up:  D’Addario .010

Case type: Private Stock Custom Floral Fabric with Brown Lustre interior, Brown binding, Gold piping and hardware