PRS Custom 24 Semi Hollow Ish Guitars Exclusive Wood Library Black Gold Burst Mahogany

PRS Custom 24 Semi Hollow Ish Guitars Exclusive Wood Library Black Gold Burst Mahogany

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Ish Guitars Exclusive Instrument!

What is a PRS Wood Library?

  1. A Wood Library cannot be ordered by a customer. They can only be ordered in a quantity of 10 pieces by a PRS Signature Dealer like ourselves. 
  2. The dealer must go to the PRS factory to hand-select woods and options.
  3. There are many options and models not usually available to a customer.
  4. Of the 10 guitars, there can be 5 of each variation (in this case, 5 with Swamp Ash bodies and Flamed Maple necks and fretboard, and 5 with Mahogany bodies, necks, and Mun Ebony fretboards and headstock overlay).
  5. There can be 5 total colors selected, so each variation gets 1 color, making every guitar it's own unique piece.

"A Wood Library is like a half-price Private Stock"

Hey! My name is Jesse Wilson - I'm the owner of Ish Guitars. Purchased from the right PRS Signature dealer (us!), a Wood Library can have the level of customization of an amazing Private Stock but at the price of a "normal" Core level guitar. For this version of our Wood Library Custom 24 Semi-Hollow, I selected many options you cannot normally order on a Core:

  1. Semi-Hollow Body
  2. Quilted Maple Top
  3. Figured Mahogany Body
  4. Satin Finishes
  5. Natural Finished Backs
  6. Black Chrome Hardware
  7. 58/15 LT Pickups
  8. 3 Way Pickup Switching with Coil Split
  9. Custom Bird Inlays - Mother of Pearl center with Black Corian outline
  10. Black Paisley "Artist" Case

All of these options were picked with a purpose. I had the idea in my head for the Custom 24 Semi-Hollows before our trip to the factory in November of 2016. When we arrived, I asked Paul Reed Smith what he would do if he were building a Wood Library run. He replied "Easy - Custom 24 Semi-Hollow with Swamp Ash bodies and Maple necks and 58/15LT's... They would sound like Tele's with way more versatility." Of course Paul knows best, so thats what I did! We also built 5 with Figured Mahogany bodies and necks with Mun Ebony Fretboards and headstock overlays to have a darker, thicker tone than the Ash/Maple guitars (this guitar you are looking a now).


I love the 58/15LT pickups because they have incredible definition and clarity, yet super warm. They are the perfect blend of modern and vintage, and sound like a 50's Telecaster when you coil split them. You can't order these pickups in any PRS besides a McCarty 594 or Hollowbody II, and cannot buy them aftermarket, so its a special treat to find them in our Customer 24 Semi-Hollows.

I opted for the 3 way electronics instead of 5 way. I prefer this to the standard 5 way switching because of the simplicity and lack of thought needed when in a live situation - there is no way to throw the switch too far in the wrong direction, and you always know wether you are in humbucker or single coil mode based on if the tone knob is up or down.


Quilted maple is simply one of the prettiest woods in the world, combined with amazing tone. But, Quilted maple is getting very hard to find. PRS only lets you order Quilt on a Wood Library or Private Stock, so I wanted to go for that extra exclusivity that you can get with Quilted Maple. I dug through racks upon racks of raw wood to find these 10 tops that have the deepest and widest quilting. 

I hand selected the fretboards to match each others streaky pattern, and selected the bodies with consistent shimmering curls.


My favorite part of any guitar build is the color and finish. It can make or break an instrument, and there is so much more you can do with a finish than your typical boring gloss-over-everything. For these instruments I selected 5 of my favorite PRS colors: Aquableux, Black Gold Burst, Charcoal Burst, Purple Mist, and one that usually isn't offer... Natural!

I did not want these Wood Libraries to have any color on the back of the guitar for 2 reasons: First that it would look more raw, contrasty, and woody. Second that it would feel better in your hands along the neck - the most important part of any guitar. 

To further the "feel" of the guitar, we did all 10 pieces in satin (with UV cured finish on the flamed maple necks for the best maple neck feel ever in the world of guitars!). I also love satin finishes for better long-term wear. These guitars are meant to be played, and a satin finish looks better for longer than a gloss finish. They hide nicks and scratches extremely well!

To top it off, I picked the black chrome finish option that many people don't know exists on a PRS. It gives the hardware a "manly" depth and tough look, while still being subtle and attractive. 

Buy this amazing guitar

Its completely custom - it looks amazing - it sounds amazing - I handpicked every last detail - we offer layaway, financing, trades... you've got no reason to pass this up! Theres only 10 of our Wood Library guitars and 7 are already sold, get one while you still can.