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PRS HXDA 50 - 50-watt Tube Head - Stealth and Charcoal

PRS HXDA 50 - 50-watt Tube Head - Stealth and Charcoal

Serial Number: 162091

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An amazing amp for $1000 less than new in mint condition - plus you are skipping the 6 month wait for PRS to build you a new one!

PRS has created a flexible amp with unique character in the HXDA 50-watt guitar amp head. The HXDA is based on the esteemed PRS 25th Anniversary amp, a British-inspired amp that boasts a lot of tonal flexibility. PRS took the HXDA to the next level by adding three switches to control the amp's brightness and gain, giving you even more power to shape your sonic signature. You even have control over bass gain in addition to the master gain - tweak them both to discover tones that go from bright and sparkly to crunchy and raw and beyond! The PRS HXDA 50-watt guitar amp head gives you access to the sound and feel of a prized amp from the '70s with the reliability of a modern amp.

  • Flexible vintage tone
  • Cinemag output transformer
  • Internally bridged bass and treble channels create huge guitar tones
  • Bass gain control gives you added sonic control
  • 5 output jacks for use with virtually any speaker cabinet (4-, 8-, and 16-ohm)