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Quilter Aviator Gold Extension Speaker 1 x 12

Quilter Aviator Gold Extension Speaker 1 x 12" Speaker Cabinet Open Back

Serial Number: 11420416242

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Expect boutique Quality:

These are not the cheap particle board garbage you find at the big box stores, these are high end boutique cabinets made from genuine baltic birch and hand crafted right here in the US.

Light, Powerful, Agile:

The Aviator 12" extension cabinet delivers on the promise of weight to size. The perfect compliment to your Aviator Head, or to deliver massive power in conjunction with your Aviator Twin Ten or Open Twelve. Plug one in and watch the jaws drop.


•27.2 Pounds
•P17.5”H x 23”W x 9”D (445x584x229mm)
•The Aviator is changing the game. Already on several national tours, the Aviator is quickly becoming a tone standard.