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RainSong Carbon Fiber N-JM1100N2 Nashville Series

RainSong Carbon Fiber N-JM1100N2 Nashville Series

Serial Number: 19557

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The Nashville is a bold stage guitar.  The unidirectional carbon/spruce SFT soundboard is finished in an attractive 3-tone tobacco sunburst.  The shapely Jumbo body features a white pinstripe rosette, abalone shark inlays and a tortoise shell pickguard.  The N2 neck has a 25.4” scale length, 14 frets clear of the body and 1.75” width at the nut.

Soundboard Fusion Technology (SFT)

To combine the stability and robustness of carbon fiber with the traditional aesthetics of wood, RainSong has developed SFT:  Soundboard Fusion Technology.   After careful experimentation, we are able to fuse a thin spruce soundboard and a unidirectional pre-impregnated carbon in a single molding step.  The resulting SFT soundboard is a composite matrix that resonates as a single unit, like a solid wood soundboard.  The physical properties of the carbon fiber far exceed those of the thin wood.  Hence the SFT soundboard maintains the imperviousness to humidity and temperature of carbon fiber. 

An SFT soundboard delivers rich crystalline carbon sound subtly colored by wood.

Includes Hardcase. 4.2lb