Tone King Falcon Grande Turqoise [Used]

Tone King Falcon Grande Turqoise [Used]

Serial Number: SQ2600621

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Falcon Grande is a 20W 1×12″ amplifier that combines the sonic purity of an integrated Volume/Tone single channel design with a 3-position voicing control for rich, authentic 50s and 60s era vintage tones. Two 5881 output tubes in an ultralinear configuration combined with a unique cabinet design deliver warmth and character, and an adjustable spring reverb circuit allows tonal versatility. A built-in Ironman II attenuator with a tuned reactive load and six levels of attenuation produce classic tones at any volume level. A 4-button footswitch facilitates reverb control and selection between Rhythm, Tweed and Lead voicings. Falcon Grande. Instant Classic.

– 20W, 1 x 12 Single Channel Combo

– Custom designed 12″, 8 Ohm, Ceramic Magnet speaker made by Eminence

– 2x12AX7A, 2×5881

– Single channel with 3-way Voicing Switch
– Controls: Volume, Tone

Voicing Switch:
– 3 positions (rhythm, tweed, lead)
– selected by front panel switch or footswitch

– 2-Knob Reverb Circuit
– Controls: dwell, mix
– Full size 2-spring reverb pan
– Footswitch controllable



Built-In Ironman II Compensated Power Attenuator:
– Controls: Attenuation Level
– Attenuation Steps: 0db, -3db, -9db, -15db, -24db, -36db

Ironman II attenuator design features:
– Precision Tuned Reactive Load
– Fletcher Munson Volume Compensation Circuitry
– Damping factor correction

– 4-Button Footswitch (voicing: rhythm, tweed, lead; reverb on/off)
– LED status indicators

Output Power:
– 20W RMS

Output Stage:
– 2×5881 cathode biased, ultralinear mode, no negative feedback

Speaker Impedance:
– 8 Ohms

– 22.5″ (wide) x 11″ (tall) x 19″ (deep)

– 34 pounds