Two Rock Emerald 50 x2 100 Watt Guitar Amp Head

Two Rock Emerald 50 x2 100 Watt Guitar Amp Head

Serial Number: 201

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Very cool story behind this amp - when we posted it on Reverb, the second owner contacted us with this info:

"Hey there! I just wanted to drop you a line and give some history on this amp, as I was the second owner and had it modded at the factory to bring it to 100 watts.

I purchased this originally as an Emerald 50 serial number 201 in 2004, and was the second owner. This was my first D-Style amp, and it was special. In 2006, I sent the amp in to Bill and Joe to have them upgrade the transformers and take the amp to 100 watts. The new transformers were the same as they were building into their Overdrive Signature amps. The amp was also configured to take two 12AT7’s in the Vol 3 and 4 preamp slots. I was the one who added the ‘x2’ livery and the impedance markings on the rear of the amp.

This amp saw some great gigs and had a huge tone. I drove it through two 4x12’s with Tone Tubby hemp cones and it burned. Whoever takes it will have a unique piece of Two Rock history."

So there you go - a unique, one of a kind 100 Watt Two-Rock!

Our description:

Classic Two Rock tones from a 6L6GB power section twin channel amp. This thing will absolutely bring you into your favorite John Mayer tone territories as well as help you discover new tonal and sonic landscapes of your own. With an on board spring reverb this amp is ready to do anything from surf, jazz, punk, and much much more. The power tubes seem to be vintage military 6L6GB tubes, giving a more robust and warm tone than most modern 6L6! The reverb sounds deep and lush, but there is a slight hum present when you’re not playing. The intensity of the hum runs parallel to the intensity of the reverb and when the reverb is off the hum is not present. We believe it to be the Chinese 12AT7 tube that is being used in the reverb circuit! All in all, this amp is stellar and ready to rock.