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Warwick Infinette Hollowbody Bass Guitar

Warwick Infinette Hollowbody Bass Guitar

Serial Number: L03491

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A rare and incredible bass that we have spent a LOT of time on.

Neck repair was done previous to our purchase - they did a decent job but didn't know to remove the truss rod so they accidentally glued it in place while doing the repair. We removed the fretboard, cleaned the truss rod channel, installed a new Warwick truss rod, and have the bass now setup VERY well. Because of the headstock repair the 1st fret area slopped off towards the top of the headstock and buzzed out on the 1st fret only, so we shimmed the nut and installed a new higher 1st fret so that the bass does not buzz as badly on the1st fret (still has some buzz but not bad). Other than that, the setup is fantastic! Our tech did an awesome job with the repairs we made and its very tough to tell the fretboard was removed. Of course, the instrument is priced accordingly because of all this.

Neck repair, non original pickups, mild buckle rash.

8lb 13oz. Includes gig bag.