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1987 Warwick Thumb NT All Original Bass Guitar

1987 Warwick Thumb NT All Original Bass Guitar

Serial Number: WTB4EMG

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Original EMG pickups (pre-MEC), Schaller D tuner, Early 1 piece Warwick bridge.  Has serial number but on these old Warwicks it was stamped into the top of the headstock before they finished the bass, so the number fills with paint and is extremely difficult to read.

weight: 9lb 14oz.

This bass came from a collector who sadly had to sell his bass collection due to divorce proceedings. He was passionate about the early work of boutique builders.

Its approximately a 1987. This bass has several (approximately) 2 year only features, like the 1 piece bridge and EMG pickups, as Warwick did not start using MEC yet.

The neck is a thin, shallow, fast C profile, much different than many modern Warwick which have the funky wide shoulder D profile. It plays really, really awesome, and is fully gone through by our tech and setup wonderfully.

The construction of the bass is super high quality and was all hand made unlike the new ones on CNC's!

Non-original case.  Yellowed with moderate play wear and some small chips.